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“Through the practice of meditation, we aspire to awaken the abilities within each person, enabling them to cultivate clarity, focus, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.”

Our Space

Our Space

Our newly renovated facility has been designed for beauty, simplicity, sensory pleasure and an unmatched sense of calm. From our bright, beautiful lobby to the lounge and all throughout the studio and spacious offices, we provide a tranquil environment to explore mindfulness and a portal into holistic well-being.



Yoga Studio




OM Meditation & Wellness is conveniently located in downtown Safety Harbor, right on Main Street. We offer dedicated areas for 1:1 private sound healing, group meditation in our dynamic studio space, secure vault with cubbies for your belongings, refreshments in the lounge and plenty of space to shop and mingle in our bright and welcoming entry area. By design, every step you take inside our facility will be supporting your journey towards peace and balance. 


Book a class and come see our space for yourself.

Our Founder
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Our Founder



Meet the founder of OM Meditation & Wellness.

Amy Triplett is a licensed mental health counselor, hypnotherapist and certified sound healer whose passion for unlocking the potential of the human mind led her to create OM Meditation and Wellness. At her studio, Amy offers a unique luxury wellness experience, including floating aerial meditation in a silk hammock, designed to facilitate deep soul-level restoration. Her comprehensive programs encompass guided breathwork, progressive relaxation, meditation, and sound bowl healing, helping individuals rediscover and reconnect with their true selves. At OM, Amy believes that you already hold the answers—she's there to help you find your way back to you.

With a rich background spanning 20 years in behavior disorders, hypnotherapy and mental health counseling, Amy has mastered the art of creating a safe and welcoming space for clients to embark on their personal exploration, Amy brings a wealth of experience to her role as a wellness advocate. Amy is a graduate of the University of South Florida (BA), Walden University (MS), is a certified hypnotherapist and is a nationally certified licensed mental health counselor. Amy trained with the Sound Healing Academy and is a certified sound healer.



"I strive to help others be their true authentic selves. Let me help you return to you."

The more you can clear away the noise that is going 24-7 in your head, the more you return to you. The more we can align with our truest selves, the more we can bring to fruition what we were put on this earth for.

Our Approac


We combine ancient wisdom with modern research for potent relaxation on a neurological level.

We've done the research and infused our meditation experience with what modern science has learned about the brain. We aren't just telling you to relax, we are here to help you naturally shift from an active, higher-frequency state like Beta to lower-frequency states such as Alpha and Theta, for a more relaxed and contemplative state.

Many of us believe we are too stressed, too anxious or too busy to relax but at OM we believe in the power of holistic healing and utilizing technology and science to heal and restore the mind-body connection.


When we say there is no place like OM, we really mean it.

There are many places where you can find sound bowls, meditation, aromatherapy and breathwork…but not all married in the same session.  And especially not while floating in a silk scarf and guided by our passionate, gentle facilitators.   


Through our unique immersive blend of healing modalities, you'll access the clarity, relaxation and healing your nervous system and spirit are craving. Come see for yourself.



What should I wear? There’s no such thing as meditation apparel so if it’s comfortable, wear it! We ask that you please keep in mind that our silk hammocks are quite delicate. So we kindly ask that you not wear any clothing with sharp or jagged elements. We do have lockers and cubbies for your cell phone, keys, shoes and that occasional studded leather jacket you forgot to leave at home.

Can I cancel my class at any time? Yes, you can. We understand that things come up so if they do, please cancel as soon as possible. Due to the time and effort we put into our classes, we do have a late cancellation policy. If you cancel within 2 hours of your class reservation, you will be charged a fee of $10.

Do I have to use a silk floating scarf? No. We want you to feel right at OM. We offer three seating options for your desired level of comfort : floating meditation in a silk hammock, seating meditation in a nest egg chair or seated meditation on a floor yoga chair. You are also welcome to use a yoga mat on the floor.

Are kids allowed in class? We love the idea of teaching kids the power of meditation, however OM's specific class format and style is best suited for adults. For that reason, the minimum age to attend our classes is 15 years old. However, we do hope to offer classes for kids in the future!

I am new to meditation. Is group class a good fit for me? Our one of a kind group meditation experience is great for beginners and experienced meditators alike. Your class will be guided by a trained facilitator who is there to help you enjoy the experience to the fullest. We strive to make healing accessible to all.

How will I know that its working? the effects of meditation varies among individuals, but there are common signs to look for. Many practitioners report a sense of increased calmness, improved focus, and enhanced emotional resilience. As you progress in your meditation practice, you may notice a reduction in stress levels and an overall positive shift in your outlook. It's important to approach meditation with patience and consistency. If you have specific well-being goals, tracking changes in your stress levels, sleep quality, and emotional well-being can provide tangible indicators of progress. Remember, the benefits of meditation often unfold gradually, and regular practice contributes to long-term positive changes.

Where is OM located? OM is perfectly nestled in the heart of Safety Harbor, FL at 550 Main St.

What benefits can I expect from meditation? Meditation offers a myriad of scientifically proven benefits for your overall well-being. Extensive research, including studies published in Psychoneuroendocrinology, Psychological Science, and JAMA Internal Medicine, highlights its profound effects. Notably, meditation significantly reduces stress by curbing the production of stress hormones like cortisol. It also enhances focus, attention, and cognitive flexibility. Research in Behaviour Research and Therapy and Brain, Behavior, and Immunity suggests its efficacy in managing symptoms of anxiety and depression by promoting relaxation and impacting brain structures related to emotional regulation. Studies from NeuroImage and Psychiatry Research further demonstrate meditation's ability to alter brain structure and function. Additionally, meditation has been linked to better pain management, improved sleep quality, and a strengthened immune system, as noted in research published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Behavioral Sleep Medicine, and Psychosomatic Medicine.

A space to float, heal, elevate, unwind and just be.

Join our Monthly or Annual Unlimited Membership for the full OM experience. Enjoy consistent results with unlimited classes, access to member exclusive events, discounts on wellness workshops and so much more. 
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